Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Tricks

Jennifer Hudson started on her journey to lose weight in 2010, and she has transformed so much since. Indeed, she is well deserving to have earned the status as one of the Weight Watchers ambassadors. As intriguing as her weight loss quest was, not much is known about the types of weight loss programs Jennifer Hudson was on. We know she says she is on the Weight Watchers’ program, but she has not talked extensively about what her exercise or healthy diet plans look like, or whether there is one best way to lose weight, if any. Indeed, we are all left wondering, what exactly are the Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss tricks?

We know that Jennifer Hudson also followed a personal training instructor Harley Pasternak, who may have kept tailored a customized weight loss program just for her. Or, could it have been that Jennifer Hudson also bought into weight loss programs like the Insanity Workout or Turbo Fire or other programs of that sort? Was her diet closer to something like the Durkan diet, a HCG diet, a low carb diet, a liquid diet, or perhaps even a detox diet? Or worse, did she use some laxatives for weight loss? And for how long did she stay on these diet plans, if any? Were there any particular types of fat burning foods that she consumed? It is anybody’s guess, really.

Getting to where she is currently, having the international recognition and all, it is no surprise why Jennifer Hudson has not revealed her trade secrets. She might be in the midst of developing her own brand of weight loss programs to fully monetize her breakthrough. Or, she could be waiting for the highest bid a magazine pay her for the advertising revenue she would generate for revealing her secrets. Better yet, she might be writing her own book or autobiography, from which she would collect a lifetime of royalties. It is anyone’s guess.

Until such time when Jennifer Hudson actually decides to do any of the above, we can scour the open sources to see exactly how she has adopted certain practices well as part of her weight loss journey.

In terms of food, she allows herself a little bit of the high calorie food if she is so craving for it. That way, she can say to herself, at least she had a little of it, and not have to succumb to bouts of eating binges thereafter. We know how she cannot resist chocolates as well, so she has her share, but shares the rest with friends. That is another way to spread the calorie-love. Weight Watchers is also clearly part of Jennifer Hudson’s agenda, and it would be no surprise if she relies on this community for support and encouragement as she continues in her weight loss journey.

Jogging is one of the exercises that Jennifer Hudson does as part of her routine. She jogs for a stretch of at least 20 minutes, by first tricking herself to say that she might only do it for 10 minutes. Soon enough, the 20 minutes whizzes by quickly. Breaking the inertia to exercise can be done if you tricked your brains like how Jennifer Hudson does to herself.

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